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Fibreglass Shingles are Thinner and More Fireproof

Fibreglass shingles begin with a base of glass fibre reinforcing mat. This mat is coated with asphalt in order to render the shingle waterproof.

Defects Addressed

Although fibreglass shingles were known to split and crack in the 1980s and 1990s, improvements and higher standards in the roofing industry have resulted in a much higher-quality product. At this point, fibreglass shingles are highly regarded for their Class A fire rating, since fibreglass mat resists fire more consistently than do organic/waste paper mats.

Moisture and Wind Resistant

Fibreglass shingles have gained wide popularity lately because they are lighter and easier to handle. They also tend to resist moisture more effectively. Roofers find that fibreglass shingles, which tend to be thinner than asphalt shingles, adhere better in strong winds and therefore last longer. For these reasons, more and more new homes are sporting fibreglass shingles.

Silva’s Roofing has set high standards and maintained them for more than 25 years

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